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Trouble Shooting Tips

No water pressure in one sink, but fine in another

    Take screen off of the end of the faucet and clean it out.

Oven not working

    If stove top is working, check timer buttons to see if one of the buttons are pushed in.

No hot water

    If gas, check to make sure pilot is lit. If electric, check breakers, and press reset button located by the thermostats and the top and bottom of hot water heater.

No power to something

    Check breakers, flip off then back on, reset GFIs (ground fault interrupters) usually located in outlets in kitchen, bathroom and garage, sometimes there is a GFI in your breaker box

Clogged drains

    Try plunging first! Avoid using drain cleaner if possible.

Running toilet

    Check your flapper, if not sealing, replace flapper.

Outlet doesn’t work

    If an outlet is not working check for a light switch that does not appear to control anything else, it probably turns the power on to the outlet.

Garbage disposal

    Press reset button on the garbage disposal and flip breaker in the breaker box off and then back on. If there is power and not turning, turn power off and use a broom handle to see if you can turn it. If you can’t make it turn, then call Cardinal. You are responsible for anything that gets stuck in a garbage disposal.

No heat

    Check pilot if gas furnace, check breakers if electric, flip off then on. Make sure unit is closed properly where filter is so the safety switch is engaged.

Leak under sink

    Try tightening pipes; for plastic pipes just hand tighten.

Dishwasher not getting dishes clean

    Try using different type of soap, i.e. if using powder, switch to liquid, vice versa. Cut back on amount of soap you are using, only use about a teaspoon.

Dishwasher not draining

    Clean screen in bottom of dishwasher.

Hard to unlock door

    Apply Lock-Ease graphite lubricant to inside of lock. It is very messy, so you might have a paper towel in your hand when applying.

Going out of town or Vacating a Property

    Turn heat to 55 unless you know it’s going to be 0 or below, then turn to 65 degrees. Open cabinets under sinks so heat can get in to keep from freezing.

Bugs and Pest Remedies

    For Ants: put ground cinnamon where the ants are coming in. You can even put it on the windowsills and it won’t hurt your kids or pets. Also try Bitter cucumber peels placed around entry points.

    For Spiders: use cinnamon, peppermint or citrus essential oils mixed with water as a spray to keep insects away from certain areas.

    Cloves smell better than moth balls and are a natural deterrent against winged pests.

    • Wash dishes every day
    • Reduce clutter in the home to provide less of a safe haven for pests.
    • Throw out old food and take out the trash- insects are drawn to food that is left out and undisturbed, even if the food has not gone bad.
    • Use sanitizer such as bleach to clean up damp areas of the house– pests can be drawn to dark and moist areas and bleach makes it impossible for them to live there, sanitizing the area, and making it more pleasant in general.
    • Move things around. Insects can make their homes in garden furniture and patio chairs, not to mention large jars and potted plants. Moving furniture and pots around and cleaning underneath them makes it a little less comfortable for pests.
    • Do a thorough clean of the home or unit once a month by sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing. This will discourage pests from coming into your home.
    • Be prepared for extra bug/pest sightings when the seasons change as the “critters” like to stay warm too!